Gelato offers Webhooks so you can get notified every time a new developer registers on your portal.

You can find Webhooks under the "Developer Settings" section under Portal Settings.

Each time a Developer is created, Gelato will send a POST request to your Webhook target URL containing the new developer's details. They'll look something like this:

      "id": "123",
      "email": "jason@mashape.com",
      "description":"Signed up about 5 years ago from Somewhere Mysterious",
  "action": "developer_create"

You can test this using the "TEST" button.

If you'd like to verify that the request has come from Gelato, you can ask us to sign the Webhook request by specifying a secret. We'll then include a X-Hub-Signature header which is:


SIGNATURE is a SHA1 HMAC signature, using the hook's body as the data and the secret you specified above as the key (this follows the Authenticated Content Distribution section from the PubSubHubbub Spec).

Note that this signature method is exactly the same as what's used by Github, and there's plenty of sample code available.