Swagger Overview

Swagger is a great way to document the "reference" pieces of your API in a tranportable format.

Gelato can import any valid Swagger 2.0 documents - we'll even do the validation for you when you upload it! :smile:

If you're looking to get started with Swagger, there's a great tutorial on "I'd Rather be Writing".

What if my Swagger Document is Version 1.2?

Not a problem - there's an amazing service called API Transformer that you can use to magically :sparkles: convert your Swagger 1.2 into shiny new 2.0 format!

How do I import Swagger into Gelato?

First, create a new API and an API Version under the APIs & Docs tab. Then click "Edit Docs", and then the "Import" button in the left hand column.

You can then choose "Swagger" from the list of available formats, browse to find your file on your Computer :computer: or Github :octocat: and you're ready to go!