Adding Admins to Your Account

In the developer portal, admins are people that you have allowed to edit your documentation (oppose to developers who you give permission to read the documentation). The amount of admins you can add depends on the account you have, so if you need to add more spots you can send an email to

To add admins to your account, first you'll need to click your name at the upper right hand side of the screen and select Account & Team

Account And Team

If you already have admins added, you'll see them listed here. To add someone new, click the "Invite Someone New" button directly above the company information section.

Next, simply fill in their name and email address and click the "Send Invite" button.


This will send an email to your new Admin. Once they click the activate link in the email they are ready to start contributing to your documentation.

If you have any questions, please send them to